Hiscox contacts for related products

Hiscox contacts for related products

Hiscox Group offers a number of products that may also be of interest to buyers of our Healthcare services:


Technology Errors & Omissions insurance

Our Technology Errors and Omissions insurance can be tailored for small technology consultants through to internet service providers.


Jim Whetstone
Tel: +1 312 239 6354
Email: jim.whetstone@hiscox.com


Not-For-Profit Management Liability insurance

The Hiscox Not-for-Profit Management Liability insurance policy is designed to help not-for-profit organisations address their management liability risks. It offers up to four areas of coverage and is structured to provide flexibility, including shared or separate limits of liability and is available for not-for-profit organisations regardless of industry, revenue or employee count.


Brett Sadoff
Tel: +1 415 814 1452
Email: brett.sadoff@hiscox.com


Kidnap and Ransom insurance – Special Protection Solutions

The global security environment has changed over the last decade. Many organisations are now faced with managing a variety of complex security threats. These are often tied to economically motivated criminal activities ranging from extortion and kidnapping to organised crime.

We’ve tailored coverage, developed through conversations with security directors and risk managers, to provide solutions that protect against industry specific threats including our Hospital Special Protection Solution – specifically designed for healthcare facilities.

Amy Kingswell

Tel: +1 646 452 2367
Email: amy.kingswell@hiscox.com


Allied Health

Our Allied Healthcare Group at Hiscox USA provide coverage for a wide range of healthcare related professions.


Alicia Cardinale
Tel: +1 914 273 7428
Email: alicia.cardinale@hiscox.com

Jennifer Clifford
Tel: +1 312 239 6361
Email: jennifer.clifford@hiscox.com


Nursing Homes / Long Term Care Liability

We provide professional and general liability cover for nursing homes in the USA, including skilled nursing, intermediate nursing assisted and independent living facilities. We also provide risk management surveys for clients.


Ben Rowley
Tel: +44  (0)20 7448 6620
Email: benjamin.rowley@hiscox.com



We have more than 25 years' experience in terrorism insurance and are a global leader in this area. We can offer US businesses immediate, on- the-ground access to our professionals with insurance designed for the needs of businesses of all sizes, from fortune 500 firms to private businesses and institutions.


Robert Cruz
Tel: + 1 646 452 2376
Email address:  robert.cruz@hiscox.com

Lucy Straker
Tel: +44 (0) 207 448 6393
Email address:  lucy.straker@hiscox.com


London Property Team


Paul Lawrence
Tel: +44 (0)20 7448 6732
Email: paul.lawrence@hiscox.com



Philip Perry
Tel: +44 (0)20 7448 6664
Email: philip.perry@hiscox.com



Charlie Rawlins
Tel: +44 (0)20 7448 6837
Email: charlie.rawlins@hiscox.com